Psychoanalysis and Social Work

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Free Associations: Psychoanalysis and the Public Sphere--Archive of on-line journal edited by Robert M. Young of Sheffield University; part of the Human Nature Review psychoanalytically-oriented website and journal.
Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing--On-line archive of classic psychoanalytic articles and books.
British Institute of Psychoanalysis--On-line archive of selected articles.
International Journal of Psychoanalysis--Provides searchable archive of contents, but full texts restricted to registered users.
Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association--Provides archive of contents pages, but full texts restricted to registered users.
Anna Freud--Detailed profile of Anna Freud; from the website of Women's Intellectual Contributions to the Study of Mind and Society at Webster University.
Personality Theories--George Boeree's online text, containing individual chapters discussing the lives and theories of most of the well-known neo-Freudian and non-Freudian psychodynamic theorists, including Horney, Erikson, etc.
Selected Biographies--A set of online biographies of various individuals in the history of psychology, including a number of the major psychodynamic theorists; part of Muskingum College "History of Psychology" site.
Noted Psychoanalysts--Brief online biographies of major analysts, including all those mentioned here and others, by the American Psychoanalytic Association.

Alfred Adler--Another chapter from Boeree's online personality text, detailing Adler's life and theory.
Alfred Adler--A briefer biography and overview of Adler's theory, along with a timeline and set of links to other Adler sites.
Classical Adlerian Psychology--Website of Adler Institute of San Francisco; contains variety of background material related to Adler, as well as articles on Adlerian therapy.
A Conversation with Harry Stein--Interview with a contemporary Adlerian therapist; from BehaviorOnline website.

The Interpretation of Dreams--Full text of English translation of third (1911) edition of Freud's classic work; from Christopher Green's History of Psychology web site at York Univ., Toronto.
Outline for a Theory of Dreaming--Article by psychoanalyst Ernst Hartmann, a well-known writer on dreaming, which appeared in Dreams, a publication of the Association for the Study of Dreams; other articles and resources are found here on the ASD site.
The Interpretation of Dreams and the Neurosciences--Article by analyst Mark Solms, presented to British Psychoanalytical Society in 1999; from website of the Society.
The Quantitative Study of Dreams--Site created by two psychologists at the Univ. of Calif., Santa Cruz; provides extensive resources on the scientific study of dreams. A companion site, Dream Bank, contains an on-line archive of thousands of dream reports, searchable by keywords and dreamer age, gender, etc.


Carl Jung--A chapter from an electronic book, detailing Jung's life and theory, by George Boeree of Shippensburg University.
Carl Gustave Jung--Site includes biography, discussion of Jung's theory, and on-line essay by Jung on the relation of analytical psychology to poetry.
The C. G. Jung Page--Commercial site about Jung and Jungian analysis, includes a good collection of web links.
The Shadow Exercise--A simple exercise to explore the Shadow, one of the basic elements of Jung's theory of personality; by John Suler of Rider University.
The Keirsey Temperament Sorter--An online personality test, based on Jung's concept of psychological types. The test is similar to the Myers-Briggs test, and has the same 16 basic types. NOTE: including this link implies no sanctioning of the test's validity or reliability, but it may nonetheless be instructive and/or entertaining. An updated version of the test can be found here.

Questions and Answers about Memories of Childhood Abuse--Official statement by American Psychological Association, providing non-technical discussion of the topic.
Memory, Abuse and Science--Article from American Psychologist by clincal psychologist Kenneth Pope, emphasizing methodological issues involved in evaluating reports of recovered memories; other resources, including a follow-up article, are listed under link for "Memory & Abuse".
Scientific Research on Recovered Memories--Extremely detailed review of the existing literature on recovered memories of sexual abuse, by psychologist Jim Hopper. Tends to support idea that memories can be repressed, but nonetheless provides careful discussion of findings and citations for published studies.
The Debate over Recovered Memories--One of a series of articles looking at the overall issue, in a generally well-balanced manner; from
Sigmund Freud--Extensive discussion of Freud's theory (along with brief biography), by George Boeree of Shippensburg University.
Empirical Studies of Psychoanalysis--Annotated bibliography of research on assessing psychoanalysis, from the American Psychoanalytic Association.
The Freud Web--Overview of Freud's life and ideas; part of larger site on Victorian Era which was created by George Landow of Brown University. Useful for understanding the social context in which psychodynamic theories developed.
Sigmund Freud: Conflict and Culture--Online version of exhibit which appeared at the Library of Congress, Fall, 1998, and later travelled to several international sites. Provides many photos and materials to explore relationships between Freudian theory and our culture.
The Freud Museum--Site maintained by Freud Museum in Vienna (Freud's home and office for almost 50 years); variety of resources, from chronology to a virtual walk through.
Freud Museum, London--Site for museum based in Freud's London residence; has extensive resources, including discussions of dream analysis, a photo collection, etc.

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