DSW Addiction Seminar Updates

DSW Seminar Updates
I’ve received a couple of inquires asking for clarification about the upcoming addiction seminars.

1. Will I be lecturing?

No, I will not be lecturing. The modules are meant to be conducted as seminars. This format is meant to encourage participants to efficiently and thoughtfully consider the key ideas and relate them to the broader literature (i.e., the other assigned readings)

2. Are we expected to do the readings for all of the addiction modules or only the ones assigned to our group?

You are expected to read the articles assigned for all three modules. Otherwise a seminar will not be successful!

3. Are we expected to write a memo for all of the assigned readings?

No, you are expected to write only one memo: the one assigned to your group.

4. Are we expected to present and discuss our memos individually, or can we work together before class and present as a group?

I think it’s reasonable to present as a group, if you have the time to prepare before the seminar. However, I do not want “group” memos.

5. Why have you assigned so many readings?

I have in no way departed from the norm or expectations of the DSW program. We have encouraged our faculty from the beginning to require only 2 readings per module.

6. Do you want hardcopies of the memos?
No, please send to me and your colleagues via email by the 6pm on Wednesday before the residency